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Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> taking a step back, just a week, and we've seen the cia director resign under pressure and disgrace over the scandal, and we've seen the leader in afghanistan imp kateed in this. what is the president's reaction to this? discussed? embarrassed? what should we know here? >> well, the president was certainly surprised when he was informed about the situation regarding regime petraeus on thursday. he greatly a appreciates general petraeus' remarkable service to his country, both in uniform and at the cia, and as he said in the statement, his thoughts and prayers go out to both general petraeus and holly petraeus at this time. you know, he's focused on his policy agenda, and he has confidence in the acting directer at the cia, and he has confidence in the military to carry out the various missions that he has asked them to carry out. on specific individuals and matters pertaining to the recent revelations, i refer you to the pentagon and ig on the one hand and to the fbi with regards to general petraeus. >> but he's not, i mean big picture watching this, shaking his head saying, guys, we nee
Nov 20, 2012 11:00pm EST
here. in the world of spies, ambassador henry crown to is a legend. after 24 years as cia clandestine services he became a little more public by helping to then secretary of state, the liza rice coordinate the counter-terrorism efforts around the world. he went even more public this past year with of very well received and reviewed books on the art of intelligence. and behind those emerging from the world of shadows was the driving desire and ambition to educate american policy-makers and especially the american public about the need and uses of intelligence and our hyper connected world of asymmetrical threats. but before that he created his signal legend in afghanistan where he took roughly 110 cia officers and 400 plus special operations forces to overthrow the tell a ban. mission accomplished. and a few very long weeks. we would like to start there, mr. ambassador. how did you get that mission? how did you come up with that plan? >> thanks. the opportunity to be here. it was an intelligence mission first and foremost. if we look at afghanistan. we deploy the first teams into afgha
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
. ambassador cameron munter was very aware of what went on with the cia. if you look at the drone strikes over the past four years, 2010 over 122 joined strikes. the numbers have been dropping since then is the highest number we have had. president obama has authorized six times more joined strikes than george w. bush did in his two terms in office. the numbers reflect 25% from that point in 2012. i think this is a very good thing. maybe because we have a tactic doesn't mean we should employ all the time. the army chief of staff, general gianni. you know, i think that is a good point. if you look at the victims of these strikes and how many civilians that we think -- the civilian casualty rate is in the low digits. pakistan, you know, we enjoy a good political rating down from about 20% and the drones are part of that story. that is a pretty high cost. i think because of the work that people that cameron munter have done, saying that we need to be more discriminatory. we don't need all of these lights. it does not really serve our interests. the cost is really alienating the pakistani populati
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, they step down from intelligence operations with china. they told the cia to stop what they were doing in tibet to undermine the people's republic of china, stop it. so that's number one. we spent nearly half a billion dollars in intelligence operations to undermine the islamic republic. we need to stop that as we did with china. the second thing is to put a moratorium on the constant assistant patrols right of china's shore. we can do something also to demonstrate it is there to protect american interests, not to arrive and undermined iranian interests. those are two concrete as we can do in conjunction with having a serious broad agenda for strategic realignment with the united states and the islamic republic of iran. that's the formula to work with china and should be of the stride with the islamic republic of iran. [applause] >> if we widen the negotiations to cover more topics, how do we deal with the diminishing prospects for a two state israeli-palestinian solution and how to reconstruct some thing that does not lead gcc states to think that their interest in the golfer are bein
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4